Prostate cancer treatment made easy.

Transforming whole gland prostate cancer therapy into a targeted, office based lumpectomy to preserve quality of life … made patient-specific with AI

1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with most localized within the gland.

50% of patients treated with existing therapies lose their sexual or urinary function.

At Avenda Health, we believe patients should not choose between treating their prostate cancer and maintaining their quality of life.

We’ve built a new way to treat prostate cancer while preserving quality of life

Leveraging a patient’s own diagnostic information, the Avenda Health platform is able to identify cancer margins.

Using only two needles — a laser, and sensor — a physician can ablate these tumors with precision and monitor treatment progress in real-time.

Treatments comprise of three simple steps: plan, treat, and confirm.


The Orion platform uses machine learning to create patient specific treatment plans in the cloud.


It delivers targeted treatment through focal laser ablation in a physician’s office using only local anesthesia.


Sensors monitor treatment progress in real-time, minimizing the impact to healthy tissue, preserving quality of life.