Treating prostate cancer in the clinic while preserving quality of life.

An Unmet Need

Tens of thousands of men each year with prostate cancer seek treatments that impact their quality of life with significant risks of urinary or sexual dysfunction.

At Avenda Health, we believe patients should not have to choose between treating their prostate cancer and keeping their quality of life.

Our Technology

Our proprietary system uses a laser to precisely treat prostate tumors without compromising urinary or sexual function. Treatments are planned and confirmed in real-time using our proprietary sensor and machine learning algorithm.

*This is an investigational device not currently available for clinical use.

How It Works

The Avenda Health platform delivers targeted treatment through focal laser ablation, minimizing the impact to healthy tissue.


Intelligent Margin Prediction


Real-time Feedback and Control


Precise Ablation

Our Team

Our world class team of biomedical innovators.

Shyam Natarajan, PhD

Founder / CEO
  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering from UCLA
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of UCLA Urology, Surgery, and Biomedical Engineering
  • Background in image-guided diagnosis/therapy, embedded systems, and signal processing

Leonard S. Marks, MD

Founder / CMO
  • Professor and deKernion Endowed Chair of Urology at UCLA
  • Expert in Targeted Prostate Biopsy, Active Surveillance, and Focal Therapy

Brittany Berry-Pusey, PhD

Founder / COO
  • PhD in Biomedical Physics UCLA School of Medicine
  • UCLA Anderson School of Management and Stanford Graduate School of Business training
  • Background in Medical Device development, digital health, pharma

Joshua Shubert

Software Engineer
  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins
  • Industry experience in cloud-based medical software
  • Background in medical imaging, robotics, and global health

Jeremy Bong

Software Engineer
  • B.S. in Computer Science at University of Waterloo
  • Background in cloud architecture and full-stack
  • 9+ years experience in professional software developement

Prateek Bhatnagar

Software Engineer
  • M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins
  • Background in medical imaging, Mixed Reality and Networking


1st Place in Los Angeles MedTech Innovator Competition, and selected for MedTech Innovator accelerator program (20 of 600 companies).

Grand Prize Winner at the 2019 SPIE Startup Challenge.

“Improving margin prediction with machine learning” honored as Best Paper at the 2019 Engineering and Urology Society meeting.

Selected for the nVidia Inception Deep Learning Incubator program


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